prince vegeta and blessings

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Friends are like potatoes. If you eat them, they die…..

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Well, the soundtrack is going to have Jonsi and John Powell (me is excited). I was thinking wouldn’t it be awesome if there’s a really emotional scene and everything is just dark. They play this song and I will die…..




Is this httyd2 ad new or old…?


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Lucian sleeping like a cutie. v u v The second one is final design for Lucian’s mother, Niamh (NEE uv).

Eeee, this is awesome to see who created such a precious child:’3

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Reply to floryfede4ever: I guess some scenes can fit cause CoS is a good movie, but it’s not like best movie eva it could’ve been due to squishing more than 3 hours into nearly two so I guess some scenes fit perfectly in the story and can be considered canon.



ugh i can’t remember where it’s from! either the little guide book that came with the dvd or the commentary on the dvd— anyways, i know it was an official source and i definitely remember it being that he’s like… crying tears of joy almost.

because i remember thinking: “WELL THAT’S NOT AT ALL WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, FRIENDS” xD but basically yeah! not supposed to be as heartwrenching as it looks, i don’t think

Pfft, this doesn’t look like happiness tho like when you’re crying of happiness this looks like trying to hold in a cry. It seems like the FMA crew have gotten used to making things heartwrenching when they try to make happiness it didn’t work out due to their heartwrenching skills being too strong. Like, I guess it does look like he’s smiling???

But then again if I freeze it at the exact smile I don’t see any relief

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