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Very interesting art of a fan’s take of Rose, her baby, Al, and Wrath escaping from the underground city. I like it!

However, the question to ask is: who would really be carrying Wrath? I’m serious!

When we last see Rose, she’s deeply traumatized, having had her baby used in Dante’s plans. Though she might have had some extreme change in mindset, it’s likely that she would want to keep her baby as close as possible. Just because Ed had given her this task, it doesn’t mean she’d automatically become a very strong leader, especially in her circumstances.

In 2003, unlike Brotherhood, the gate seems to be able to keep bodies ‘preserved’ in a sense. Wrath lived most of his life in the gate, and was able to grow and live without starvation. Because only Al’s body was in the gate, it did not grow, but it makes sense that he would look fairly more healthy than he did in Brotherhood.

Additionally, Rose had to navigate out of the underground city. She was in a trance-like state for most of her time there, so she wouldn’t know the way.

After seeing Shamballa, it’s clear that Al was probably in quite a haze while leaving the city. In the movie, he didn’t know where Wrath was taking him.

Rose and Al are neither of great physical strength, though we must remember that this version of Al recently returned from training with Izumi (if the gate did preserve the state his body was in). A missing arm and leg do take a lot of weight.

Also, it would serve as a great parallel to this trademark scene:



Edward With Black Hair ep 45

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So are we supposed to assume that because Al doesn’t have a belt, yet wears pretty much everything else that Ed wore, that he’s taller than him? 

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Trisha Elric always taught her sons Edward and Alphonse the importance of sharing and tolerating one another. Her last request of them before her passing was to help each other and live together.